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pta logoChair: Andrew Woodcock          Secretary: Fiona Eaton          Treasurer: Joanne Humphrey

 The PTA has elected a new committee, (made up of a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer).  We, together with the rest of the team, are looking forward to new ventures to continue to support the school this coming year.  I thought it an appropriate time to ‘reach out’ to parents and to define what exactly the PTA does.

Firstly, the PTA, (or Parent, Teacher and Friends Association) is open to anyone who wants to help.  The PTA is an essential ‘arm’ of the school and its main purpose is to raise funds to allow the school to invest in projects or equipment that would perhaps otherwise be outside of its budget.  The fund-raising is done in a variety of ways throughout the year, but always with the children in mind to keep things as enjoyable and social as possible.

Last year, the PTA organised our stall at Caton Gala, the Christmas Fair, Easter bingo and a Pampered Chef evening.  We also provided refreshments at parents evening, sports day, new parents meeting and a Charity Summer Tea Party to support the 100 mile cycle ride.

 Along with the social events we also organised the sale of personalised Christmas cards and tea towels whilst raising other funds through the school angel scheme and selling preserves in Church!

Of course, all of the above would not be possible without the support of PTA volunteers.  As I am new to being Chair, I would like to start a new database of volunteers.  So, if you would like to get involved, please let someone know.

 Being a member of the PTA does not mean you have to attend the meetings, but for those that do wish to attend, please do not feel that you will be ‘press ganged’ into volunteering for something that you didn’t want to volunteer for!

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