At Caton St Paul’s we actively encourage children to take part in leading worship.  Miss Jenkinson runs a Worship Club where children can sign up to plan and lead a worship within classes, key stages or a whole school worship. Miss Sanderson runs a JAM club which is open to all children.  The children enjoy sharing worship with the school and feel pride that they can contribute to our School Christian Values.

Our Head Boy and Girl, alongside Worship Leaders helped Mrs Price in Family Worship last week when children were learning about `Fruit of the Spirit`.  All children were reflecting upon Harvest and what it takes to grow food eg water, food and sunshine.

They then were challenged to think more deeply about other things, apart from food and water, that it takes to grow strong children and adults as Christians.

Our School Leaders decorated a small tree with the `Fruits of the Spirit` which included; love, patience, perseverance, goodness, and generosity.