Diamond Class

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About Our Class

Our class is a Reception class.

Our teachers are Mrs. Riley and Mrs. Pollitt.

Mrs. Larkin is our Learning Support.

Mrs. Riley will be teaching Monday through to Thursday. Mrs. Pollitt will be teaching Wednesday afternoons and all day on Friday.


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PE & Forest School

PE lessons are taught every Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning. Forest school is taught on a Thursday morning. Please ensure all kit is in school throughout the term. We will send them home each half term unless they need a wash before!


Please encourage your child to read the reading book provided. Books are normally changed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. You can also read other books at home, talk about storylines, characters and taking turns to read words – be as creative as you can when it comes to reading and log it in the reading diary.

 Phonics sounds and tricky words will be sent home each Friday. Each week your child will get a sound card or words to read and practice at home.

Homework will also be set on Fridays on Google Classroom. This is to be uploaded by the following Thursday for all children.

Our Class Blogs

Autumn Half Term Two

Week 13.11.23

Autumn 2 Week One

Autumn Half Term One

Week beginning 25.09.23

Our First week in school!

Summer Half Term Two

Week beginning 17.07.23


Week beginning 03.07.23

Week beginning 26.06.23

Week beginning 19.06.23

Week beginning 05.06.23


Summer Half Term One

Week beginning 15.05.23

Week beginning 08.05.23

Week beginning 02.05.24

Week beginning 24.04.23

Spring Half Term Two

Week beginning 20.03.23

Week beginning 06.03.23

Week beginning 27.02.23

Week beginning 20.02.23

Spring Half Term One

Week beginning 30.01.23

Week beginning 23.01.23

Week beginning 16.01.23

Week beginning 09.01.23

Autumn Half Term Two

Week beginning 19.12.22

Week Beginning 05.12.22

Week Beginning 21.11.22

Week Beginning 07.11.22

Autumn Half Term One 

Week Beginning 17.10.22

Week Beginning 10.10.22

Week Beginning 03.10.22

Week Beginning 19.09.22

Week Beginning 05.09.22


Summer Half Term Two

Week beginning 18.07.22 – Our Final Week!

Week beginning 10.07.22

Week beginning 27.06.22

Week beginning 20.06.22

Summer Half Term One

Week beginning 23.05.22

Week beginning 16.05.22

Week beginning 09.05.22

Week beginning 25.04.22

Spring Half Term Two

Week beginning 14.03.22

Week beginning 07.03.22


Spring Half Term One

Week beginning 31.02.22


Week beginning 24.01.22

Week beginning 17.01.22

Week beginning: 10.01.22

Autumn Half Term Two

Autumn Half Term One

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